Home of Stasia Acrobats

“Circus is in the hearts and minds

of children of all ages!”

Stasia Acrobats is an amateur circus acrobatics troupe based out of Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Established in February 2012, Stasia Acrobats would develop from the experience of it’s coach and owner, Aric J. Nelson.  An 18-year circus veteran, Aric would introduce many styles and act-types from the circus world to a new generation of daredevils that wish to find their own voice and join a unique art form that only the bravest would ever choose to be a part of.
Stasia Acrobats, with their eclectic style, have come to form one of the most sought after entertainment groups in the Southeastern Idaho area and they have plans to grow their successes into a true circus based in Idaho Falls.  With passion in their hearts, Stasia Acrobats looks forward to continuing their mission to bring the ancient art form of acrobatics to the masses of Southeastern Idaho and more.
Watch our promotional video to see what Stasia Acrobats is about: